Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Pens Note to Girl Who Dressed Up as Her for Superhero Day

Michele Threefoot, 8, received a handwritten note Ginsburg.

“You look just like me,” Ginsburg, 83, wrote to Michele Threefoot, a third-grader, on Supreme Court stationery. "May you continue to thrive on reading and learning."

“Every good wish,” Ginsburg signed the note.

“Justice Ginsburg really resonated with Michele and she began to identify with a lot of what she did, standing up for justice and inequality,” Michele’s mom, Krista Threefoot, told ABC News. “She got really fired up that Justice Ginsburg was denied all these opportunities that boys had but she overcame them and also created opportunities for other people.”

Threefoot posted a photo of Michele as Ginsburg on Facebook holding the “I Dissent” book on Dec. 20. The photo, which featured the caption, “Yes, world. Girls who read are dangerous,” quickly drew thousands of shares, likes and comments.

The photo also caught the attention of Ginsburg’s staff members, who reached out to Threefoot for the family’s home address.

The family received the handwritten note from Ginsburg to Michele last Thursday.

“She was really, really, really excited,” said Threefoot, who added that Michele’s teachers asked her to bring the letter to school on Friday and had Michele read it aloud in class.

Michele is putting a thank you letter back to Justice Ginsburg in the mail today, according to her mom.