Karaoke-Themed ‘Marryoke’ Wedding Videos Perfect for Newlyweds Who Like to Boogie

“Why say it when you can sing it!" bride Rebecca McVeigh said.

— -- Move over sentimental “I do’s” caught on camera -- there’s a new wedding video trend in town.

Newlyweds Rebecca McVeigh and Matt Richards, from London, have gone viral with their wildly entertaining marryoke video set to Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero.”

Their wedding philosophy?

“Why say it when you can sing it! Well, lip sync it,” McVeigh wrote to ABC News from their honeymoon in Malibu, California. “We wanted our day to be full of joy and fun for everyone there. This felt like a hilarious way to capture that with our friends. Plus I'm a TV Producer and Matt previously worked in film. So we knew if we made a video, expectations would be high!”

Katie and Billy May of Antrim, Ireland are the genius wedding videographers behind the party-filled video packages.

“About 5 years ago, my husband Billy and I saw a lip sync video and thought it would be fun to do it at our friends' upcoming wedding,” Katie explained. “We kept it a surprise and filmed throughout the day without them knowing. It turned out to be a huge hit and racked up a lot of views when we released it. From there, couples started to ask us to make them their own and our company Marryokes was born. The marryoke videos usually come as part of a package with 'regular' videography (filming the ceremony, toasts/speeches, etc.). So, it's an extremely busy day for us but one we love to be part of.”

The song, of course, is the secret ingredient to any good marryoke.

“That's the toughest part,” McVeigh said of narrowing down which song to use. “However, as any karaoke fan will tell you, you can't beat a power ballad. And nobody does a power ballad quite like Bonnie Tyler. It's all about the 80's air grab: the dramatic move where you grab the air, close your fist and bring it towards you like in lots of 80s pop videos."

Needless to say, this couple’s guests nailed the marryoke, making for a fun memory to keep forever.

And as for pulling off the magical lip-synced marryokes?

“It's a skill we've improved on over the years,” said Katie. “We work well as a team and do our best to make the performer as comfortable as possible. Sometimes it takes a few takes but they always seem to nail it in the end. Our two main aims on the day are to take up as little time as possible -- clearly there are more important things going on haha -- and [not] to make [anybody] look too silly.”

Take a look at these super fun marryokes!