Kickstarter 'Fidget Cube' Raises Millions in Days

PHOTO: The "Fidget Cube" Kickstarter campaign has attracted over 100,000 backers.Antsy Labs
The "Fidget Cube" Kickstarter campaign has attracted over 100,000 backers.

Trouble sitting still? Got ants in your pants? If those were among the phrases used by your kindergarten teacher to describe you -- and ones your boss might use in your annual review today -- there's a Kickstarter for you.

The Fidget Cube -- which had a modest goal of $15,000 and has destroyed it, raising more than $4 million in just days -- is apparently the product the public is counting on for better focus. The small cubes, which come in various types, are studded on every side with clickable, pressable, switch-flipping features, all of which can be done without bothering others around you.

Antsy Labs
PHOTO: The "Fidget Cube" in action.

Though some people find the habits of clicking a pen, playing with a wedding ring or popping bubble wrap annoying, many find comfort in these and other similarly mindless activities while working. It may even be good for you: A 2015 long-term study of 14,000 women reported in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine showed fidgeting may indeed be one small part of a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the Fidget Cubes are filled with click buttons. Others have spinning dials, for those ring-spinners out there. Others feature a small thumb stick familiar to gamers.

"Fidget at work, in class, and at home in style," the product's Kickstarter promises.