Kid Completely Loses His Mind When He Steps in Dog Poop

Parents record hilarious viral video of little boy having the worst day ever.

— -- Just when you think you’re having a bad day, try being this kid.

Little Nash was “NOT SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” when he accidentally stepped in dog poop in his backyard in Garden City, Michigan.

His dramatic reaction is priceless, taking the internet by storm with more than 400,000 views of his shrieking, horrified response to the catastrophe that just happened to him.

“Why are you screaming?,” Nash’s mom, Mikki Roll, asks in the hilarious video.

“Because I am!,” he not-so-calmly replies. “I need paper towels!!!!!!!!!”

“For what?,” his parents question.

“For my foot!!!!!!!! I stepped in poop!!!!!!!!!,” little Nash screams at the top of his lungs as if the entire world is coming to an end.

And just in case his parents were unclear, he reiterates over and over, “I’m not so excited!!!!!!!”

“Honey, I don’t think anyone’s excited to step in dog poop,” his mom says on camera.

Roll, who is 38 weeks pregnant, said she feared her water would break she was laughing so hard.

“We were just outside sitting on the porch and we were just going over bills and paying bills and he’s playing on the swing set,” Roll, 25, told ABC News of the fateful Monday evening when the incident occurred. “He always knows better than to go too far back in the yard because that’s where the dogs do their business-- and it just so happens that they just did their business. It was a nice fresh pile. He started screaming a little bit and I looked at my husband.”

The two quickly realized little Nash had indeed gotten himself into a “crappy situation,” and couldn’t help but grab the camera to capture their son’s hysterical reaction.

“My son is extremely dramatic,” said Roll. “He’s me. I can’t get upset for him being exactly like me. He’s got a huge personality.”

But before you judge this tiny backyard warrior, just remember what his shirt says: “You don’t know me!”

It’s OK, Nash. It’s almost Friday.