Kitten With Leg Deformity Gets 3-D Printed Prosthetic Paw to Help Him Walk

The kitten used to have to drag his leg on the ground to move.

— -- This lil' kitty named Sonic is now bionic.

The black-and-white cat, who was surrendered to Denver Animal Shelter over three months ago, had been born with a leg deformity called radial agenesis, according to Meghan Hughes, communications director for Denver Environmental Health.

Because of the deformity, Sonic was forced to drag his leg on the ground to move, she told ABC News today.

But now, the young cat is back on his paws -- thanks to a new 3-D printed prosthetic limb created by students at the Art Institute of Colorado.

Sonic was fitted into the prosthetic on Wednesday and is now relearning how to walk, Hughes said.

The 4-month-old kitten will also be put up for adoption on Friday, she added.