Life-size wedding dress cake dazzles at cake show

The cake designer used 132 pounds of fondant.

— -- Feast your eyes on this delectable life-size wedding dress cake.

Emma Jayne Morris of Emma Jayne Cake Design created the cake as a replica of designer Mak Tumang’s “Angela” wedding gown.

“We were asked to choose a wedding dress designer and make a cake based on one of the wedding dresses,” Morris wrote to ABC News. “I was asked to make the only life-size wedding dress and chose Mak Tumang as his designs stopped me in my tracks. They are simply incredible.”

It took 10 days to complete the ornate gown for the Cake International show at Alexandra Palace in London.

Tumang went to see Morris' cake at the show, posing for a picture with his dress’ sugar-filled doppelgänger.

“I am so honored he came to the show to see it and was happy as I had to do justice to his incredible design,” said Morris.

The award-winning cake designer used 132 pounds of fondant and 110 pounds of modeling paste for the flowers.

“The most difficult part was the bustle that went around the hips,” she explained. “This took two days to get right.”

The masterpiece was 4 feet wide and 6 feet tall. She had to make the cake at home because it had the widest doors to get it through once she was finished.

“I told him I couldn't make the skirt as wide or the train as long as I was restricted to the size of my conservatory doors where I made it,” she recalled. “My dress was 4 feet wide by 6 feet [tall] and his dress he told me was six feet wide. I just wish I could have made it to those dimensions.”

And lifting the heavy gown to get it to the show was no easy feat, either.

“It took six people to lift it over my garden gate to get it to the front of the house to load into the van,” said Morris. “I owe everyone a huge thank you or it would not have gotten there.”

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