Long-Distance Girlfriend Gives Boyfriend Creative Surprise

Tyson Noël's girlfriend, who lives far away, planned a sweet surprise for him.

— -- What do you do when you don't live in the same country as your mate, but you want to make sure you keep the spark? Forget love letters or emails, follow the lead of a Canadian man who posted photos on Imgur detailing his long-distance girlfriend's creative surprise.

A thoughtful demonstration by her, that has gone viral and has been viewed over 288,000 times.

Noël and Miller took the trip in May 2015 and have "made about four trips since then to visit each other with some trips only lasting two nights," he added.

It was Miller's most recent visit over the New Year holiday that left Noël, 26, the most surprised and impressed. After Miller, 25, returned to Minnesota, she told him to look under the table in his home. There, she had left him a brown leather suitcase.

Noël couldn't have guessed what was inside -- handwritten notes for when he's in the "mood for some cheesy cuteness," another package for when he wants "something sweet," a note for when he wants "a big smooch," a package for when he's "having a bad day" and even a note for when he's "stuck in the bed sick."

"I was overwhelmed when I found the suitcase," he said. "It really was a unique and extremely thoughtful way for her to show her love for me."

Noël said Miller, who is a graphic designer that focuses on typography and lettering, "combined her uniqueness and talent into this wonderful gift. It's hard to find these days acts of romance and surprise like this in relationships."

Although Miller included a variety of surprises inside the notes, Noël said he won't reveal what they are.

"As much as everyone wants to know the contents of the letters and gifts, I'm going to keep that private," he told ABC News. "I have only opened a couple at this time as I'm trying hard to follow her instructions (and open) them on days I need them."