Losing Your Mojo, Mommy? 10 Simple Ways Women Can Spice Up Their Sex Lives

Booty Parlor Founder offers her tips for women with children.

March 21, 2014— -- intro: A full-time job to balance, kids to feed, errands to run, a house to take care of, a dog to be walked.

Notice something that's missing? How about making time for intimacy.

Women with young children often complain that their hectic schedule leaves little time or energy left in the day -- or night -- to think about having a sex life.

Dana Myers, the founder of BootyParlor.com, an online boutique aimed at boosting women's love lives, said she has heard stories from many of her friends with children that they were too tired or too busy to be intimate, so she started a workshop to help couples get their mojo back.

"What happens is that moms get tired," Myers told "Nightline." "You're up all night if your baby's not sleeping. There's this cumulative exhaustion that happens. ... A lot of moms become very focused on the child, and less focused on themselves and on the relationship. So things start to take a bit of a nosedive in the bedroom."

Myers spent time with "Nightline," shown in the photo below, and a working mother of two from Brooklyn, N.Y., to talk about ways women can re-channel their minds and bodies to keep things hot in the bedroom, and offered some of her tips below.

quicklist: 1title: Banish the Negative Body Bantermedia: 23011016text: Your post-baby body may look different to you but remember -- you're even sexier now that you own and understand the power of motherhood. Don't let your perceived physical imperfections chip away at your sexy self esteem. Tell yourself -- out loud and often -- how fabulously HOT you really are.

quicklist: 2title: Think Sexytext: Family life runs on routine and this tip requires no change of schedule. Simply add a sexy spin on your day by noticing the sensuality that exists all around you: The cute smile of your barista. The curved orchid petals at the florist. When you appreciate these little turn-ons, running errands becomes a lot more fun. Light up your mind, light up your libido.

quicklist: 3title: Get Busy With a Date Nighttext: With feeding schedules, laundry and bedtimes, this may seem like a miracle to pull off –- but it need not be fancy. Just make it a priority to schedule some uninterrupted time together. Enjoy a meal or a cocktail. Then flirt, kiss and have the kind of hot sex that got you pregnant in the first place!

quicklist: 4title: Ask for What You Wanttext: Feeling overburdened by all of the extra mom duties while dad still manages to catch the game on TV? Don't let resentment seep in and sap your sexy mojo! Remember – he is from MARS and is wired differently. Gently remind him how sexy you feel when you're well rested, and ask for help with a specific, direct request -- and just watch him jump up to help.

quicklist: 5title: Read a Sexy Storytext: Need a little help feeling sexy after a long day? Read! And it doesn't stop at "Fifty Shades": There are thousands of sexy titles just waiting to be plucked from the shelves to feed your imagination –- and inspire desire.

quicklist: 6title: Update Your Undiestext: When you're sleep deprived, it's nice to be able to reach into your drawer and know that whatever you put on will make you feel good –- even if you're just home folding laundry. Replenish your wardrobe with some new goodies that are "comfy sexy" rather than fancy: A jersey chemise with lace trim. Cotton shorts with a ruffle at the thigh and a pretty camisole. Anything to ditch the saggy sweats.

quicklist: 7title: Host a Sexy Girls' Night Intext: Remember all the exhilarating sex banter you and your friends engaged in before you had babies? You deserve a night to get away from it all and talk about what's working in your sex life and what needs a little help. You can bet that once you start sharing stories you'll discover friends who are dealing with the same challenges and are ready with some helpful suggestions.

quicklist: 8title: Make Time to Make Outtext: Kissing is the most bonding experience imaginable, but when lives get too busy, it seems like kissing goes right out the door. Find some time to slow things down and enjoy a marathon make-out session. The Mojo Makeover offers a tutorial on many exciting ways to help you get –- and stay -– lip locked.

quicklist: 9title: Give Your Boudoir a Makeovertext: The kids may be in your room all day but at night it should be your love sanctuary. Eliminate clutter, toys and sippy cups. There's nothing sexy about reaching for the massage oil and grabbing junior's bottle instead. Also, turn off the "Sesame Street" CDs and turn on some sultry, slow jams that are perfect for the grown-ups in the room.

quicklist: 10title: Manage Your Time text: Midnight feedings and endless soccer games make it a lot harder to lounge in bed on the weekends watching TV, reading the newspaper and making love. Budgeting your time -- whether it be on an electronic calendar or in an old-fashioned notebook -- is a must. With so many fun ways to stay connected to your sexiest self, you need to find the time. Start scheduling in sexy-time, and before you know it, you'll find that "spontaneous sex" will start to return on its own.