How to Make Perfect Breakfast Smoothie for Healthy Skin

Try this pick-me-up smoothie for your health and skin.

— -- A breakfast smoothie can be the ultimate beauty food pick-me-up, and it can also be great for the skin.

Brown detailed the ingredients in her smoothie.

“Water, coconut water, which is hydrating, coconut milk, which is the perfect oil for your skin and your hair, chocolate protein powder,” she said, noting that kale or spinach and frozen berries may also be added. “To me, that's … the perfect breakfast in the morning.”

Frozen fruits and vegetables can be used, Brown said.

“They're quick. They're just as nutritious. You don't have to wash them. And they also make the smoothie thicker, because it's ice,” she said.

Brown and “GMA”’s Mara Schiavocampo hit the kitchen to whip up their own smoothie. Their smoothie included water, coconut milk and protein powder – about two scoops per serving, Brown said.

She also added cacao, kale, ice, a banana and berries.

“There's nothing better for your skin than … berries,” Brown said, adding that berries were not only high in fiber but full of vitamins that are good for the skin.

They also added hemp seeds.

“Hemp seeds are great, because they make everything creamy. They're also high in protein. And they have beautiful omega fats in it,” Brown said. “And then I could put anything in from flax seeds to coconut, little bit of bee pollen … if you are someone that likes things sweet, you could put a little bit of stevia in it, a little bit of honey.”

List of Ingredients in Brown’s Smoothie


Coconut milk

Two scoops protein powder per serving

Little bit of cacao nibs


One banana

Handful of berries

Kale leaves

One scoop hemp seeds

Optional Ingredients

Flax seeds


Bee pollen




Blend it all – and enjoy!

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