'No-Makeup' Trend: How to Use Makeup to Achieve a Flawlessly Natural Look

A-list celebrities are ditching drama for a more toned-down look.

ByABC News
September 1, 2016, 8:07 AM

— -- Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner are embracing the “no-makeup” makeup movement: that is, using makeup to achieve a toned-down, natural look rather than going for obvious drama.

The look is also popular among actresses Kerry Washington, Jessica Alba and Amanda Seyfried, who’ve all been spotted going lipstick-free on the red carpet.

Michelle Lee, the editor in chief of Allure magazine, appeared on “GMA” to discuss the look and offer tips for how people can achieve it at home.

The Tips
1. Hydrate. Well-hydrated skin look luminous. Simply layer on a few drops of face under a classic moisturizer. Bonus points if the moisturizer contains sunscreen.
2. The next step? Primer. It absorbs excess oil and blurs large pores so you can use less foundation later.
3. Liquid or cream blush. Apply that before foundation to get that natural, lit-from-within flush that won’t get splotchy or streaky.
4. Now it’s time to apply foundation, but use it as a concealer, not all over your face. Since foundation is sheerer than concealer, smooth a dot or two under your eyes and around your nostrils. Blend it around the inner corners of your eyes. Bonus tip: Add a touch to your eyelids in place of eye shadow.

If you feel as though you still need more coverage, add a drop of foundation to a damp makeup sponge, then press the sponge to the target areas. Then pat on some liquid highlighter.

5. A good makeup sponge is a “no-makeup” secret weapon. It can add pigment to the skin and remove excess coverage and can make the difference between foundation looking like makeup and looking like your skin, but better.
6. For the final touches, curl your lashes and add a few light coats of mascara. A lightweight mascara is best for this look because it defines lashes without looking obvious. For lips, mix a pinkish-nude or pinkish-brown lipstick (depending on your skin tone) with lip balm.
7. For a perfectly groomed brow, comb on a tinted brow gel, focusing the most color on the arches (where brows are naturally darkest).