Man loves his puppy so much, he has zero shame about having a photo shoot

“I’m gonna brag about her as much as I can. She literally is such a sweetheart.”

— -- Meet Molly, Davis Smith’s precious golden retriever puppy.

“I’m not even joking, when I have to discipline her, when I walk away, my heart’s broken,” he told ABC News of the beloved new addition to his family. “We’ve had dogs my whole life, I’ve loved dogs my whole life, but I never knew I’d love her so much, so fast, enough to hire a photographer.”

But that’s exactly what he did to document her puppy months, and he has zero shame about it.

“I’m gonna brag about her as much as I can,” said Smith, 23. “She literally is such a sweetheart.”

The photographer, Chasity Lollis, said Molly is “the cutest plop of puppy in existence.”

“She had about a 6-second attention span, so we had to bring the big guns -- the squeaky duck,” Lollis joked. “She also wanted to do nothing that I had planned for her, so we just went with what she wanted.”

Molly’s photos went so viral on Twitter after Smith posted some of the adorable moments from their photo shoot that he said women are now proposing to him on social media.

“I’m gonna be honest with you, it is shocking how many girls love a guy with a puppy,” he said with a laugh. “I’m saying that in a joking manner, but at the same time I’m dead serious. I’ve literally had thousands of girls ask me to marry them online. I’m not exaggerating by saying thousands.”

He said he’s also now having problems with his cellphone bill due to all the notifications.

“I don’t know if you know what 500,000 notifications feels like on your phone,” he told ABC News. “I have $150 dollars in data overages to pay. It’s been absolutely blowing up. I had to turn off the phone because the notifications are just killing me.”

But he doesn’t care one bit.

“She’s worth it,” he said.

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