Man Trains His Dog to Catch a Lobster

Alex Schulze trained his black Labrador to jump into the ocean for lobster.

— -- Alex Schulze found a way to make man’s best friend even better.

The co-founder of Devoted to the Ocean, an online retailer that donates a portion of its profits to ocean conservation, taught his black Labrador dog to catch lobsters from the ocean floor.

The nearly eight-minute long video, titled, “How to Train Your Dog to Catch a Lobster,” shows Schulze first training Lila in a backyard pool by holding a toy underwater for her to retrieve.

The video ends with Lila jumping off a boat into the ocean and coming back with a lobster in her mouth.

Schulze wrote on YouTube that he was inspired to train Lila to catch lobsters instead of just toys after being out in the open water himself.

“One day while out free diving, I had the idea of trying to get Lila to catch a live lobster,” he wrote. “Sure enough she caught a lobster on her first try, and the rest was history.”