Man Weds One Year Early to Fulfill Mom's Dying Wish to See Him Marry

Tyler Crosby moved his wedding up a year so his mother could see him marry.

— -- A Florida mom's dying wish was granted on Sunday. Dorothy (Dot) Crosby, who was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer, was able to see her only son tie the knot after he moved up his wedding date a year early.

"She was beyond ecstatic," Tory Crosby, 23, of Las Vegas, Nev., told ABC News today. "She's not really supposed to stand, let alone get up out of her seat, but the second Amanda was walking down the aisle, she just couldn't help herself. She jumped right up and was elated beyond belief."

Crosby said her brother Tyler, 26, was supposed to marry his longtime girlfriend Amanda this time next year until their mother, Dot, 48, was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in August 2014.

"They even moved up their engagement," Tory Crosby said. "My brother decided to go ahead and do the proposal because he wanted my mom to be a big part of it. When we saw how happy she was, they decided to move up the wedding as well."

Tyler and Amanda Crosby married in a ceremony near their hometown of Lakeland, Fla., on Nov. 15.

Dot, who received hospice care at home, was brought to the ceremony in an ambulance and even had a special dance in her wheelchair with Tyler at the reception afterwards.

Crosby said there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

"It was overwhelming to be quite honest," she said. "Before the wedding even started I couldn't contain my emotions. I pulled it together during the ceremony, but the mother and son dance I bawled."

"They were tears of joy that she got to be there and sorrow knowing she's probably not going to be there for mine," Crosby added. "But she got what she wanted and you couldn't ask for more. It was definitely the best memory, watching her son get married -- especially to the girl of his dreams. We all love her."

Crosby said she, Tyler, Amanda and 40 other family and friends all received a tattoo on their hands of a small dot to represent the love they have for Dot.

"My dad asked what was the one thing she wanted and she said 'I never want to be forgotten,'" Crosby said, crying. "We wanted something so show her without a shed of a doubt that she'll never be forgotten."