Massachusetts State Trooper 'Rescues' Little Girl's Teddy Bear From Highway

A trooper recovered the bear after it had flown out of a car window.

ByABC News
December 19, 2015, 1:48 PM
A teddy bear is pictured in this stock image.
A teddy bear is pictured in this stock image.
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— -- One state trooper in Massachusetts became a hero earlier this month after he saw a small stuffed animal fly out of a car window on a busy highway.

Trooper Dan Mather, who is assigned to the Millbury Barracks, helped the little girl, Emma, on Dec. 5 after she "was riding in her parents car on Interstate 495 in Milford, when tragedy came into Emma's world," a post on the Massachusetts State Police's Instagram account read.

"Emma's lifelong companion, her stuffed toy polar bear, went out the car window landing somewhere in the left travel lane on I-495," the post continued.

Thankfully, for Emma and her parents, Scott and Beth, Trooper Mather was able to find and recover her beloved polar bear amid traffic. He later returned the bear to Emma, who was so grateful she sent a thank you card to Trooper Mather for his efforts.

Emma's mother said the young girl couldn't write the card herself as she's "been practicing her letters at school." Still, with some help she was able to properly thank Mather.

"Thank you so very much for going above and beyond on Saturday evening when you 'rescued' our daughter's beloved polar bear," Emma's mother Beth wrote. "Emma has loved her polar bear for some time. He doesn't leave her sight. Polar goes to school with her, on vacation and everywhere Emma goes. They're inseparable and [he] gives Emma comfort."

Beth added that Mather "made our little girl so very happy," before wishing him a happy holiday.

"The card made Trooper Mather's day," state police said.

Mather declined to comment to ABC News about this story.