Meet the Barber Who Turned a Spurs Selfie into a Haircut

PHOTO: Joe Barajas, known as Joe the Barber, shows off one of his famous Spurs haircuts. Joe the Barber
Joe Barajas, known as Joe the Barber, shows off one of his famous Spurs haircuts.

Joe the Barber is a local hero in San Antonio, famous for turning the scalps of Spurs fans into amazing works of art, like the recent “Spurrific selfie haircut” that went viral.

It took the barber, whose real name is Joe Barajas, eight hours to carve all twelve faces into a customer’s head.

“He had a pretty good sized head, so I was like, why don’t you let me do this one?” Barajas told ABC News. “Being an artist, I wanted to do something that’s iconic and that other barbers cannot duplicate. I was like, man, I need to challenge myself by doing something so outrageous no one would dare to try to duplicate it.”

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Barajas, 33, is a loyal Spurs fan, but doesn’t discriminate against other NBA teams when it comes to hair – he’s also done a portrait of Miami Heat star Lebron James and the Los Angeles Lakers logo, as well as non-sports cuts portraying Drake, Miley Cyrus, Batman, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more – even one recent portrait of John F. Kennedy.

But in San Antonio, Spurs cuts are king.

“Here, people are crazy about the Spurs – and haircuts in general,” said Barajas, who owns the Kardzmatic Barbershop in San Antonio. “It’s like getting a tattoo but it grows out and you go about your business. A lot of people love to express themselves with their hair.”

He’s been doing the creative cuts since 2007.

“Now people hit me up from all over the place. I’ve got someone traveling from New York to get a Derek Jeter haircut. I travel a lot. Most people contact me on social media to set up haircuts two or three weeks in advance.”

The cuts usually take about an hour and cost between $75 and $100, but the owner of the Spurs selfie haircut paid $250.

That extra price includes a second haircut, “because he has to get it removed before he has to go back to work,” Barajas said.