Meet Zeb, the Adorably Ugly One-Eyed, Four-Toothed Senior Cat

They do say a cat has nine lives, and Zeb knows a thing or two about that.

— -- They do say a cat has nine lives, and Zeb knows a thing or two about that firsthand.

A third life led him to the Cumberland County SPCA in New Jersey, a shelter that euthanizes pets if necessary. Life number four was a save by Philadelphia’s senior pet rescue organization City of Elderly Love.

But it’s his fifth life that will hopefully be his favorite. Zeb has recently landed himself in a loving home in Spring City, Penn. with a mom, dad, two human siblings, a cat and three dog siblings.

“He's really affectionate. He’s just happy to have blankets to lie on and people to give him some affection,” Beth Flor, Zeb’s new mom, told ABC News. “He’s just really, really sweet."

Flor wanted a cuddly cat for her two children, and she knew Zeb was perfect when she saw a video of him immediately snuggling up to the first worker he met at City of Elderly Love.

"My kids absolutely adore him,” Flor said. "It’s hard to get photos of him because I get on the floor to get a photo and he immediately runs over.”

Flor is passionate about senior pet adoptions after volunteering at a shelter and falling in love with a senior dog.

“Just because an animal may not look like the obvious choice for adoption doesn’t mean he or she won’t be perfect for your family,” Flor explained.

Which is certainly true for Zeb, who is not only perfect for the Flor family, but has also already inspired a following of over 2,500 people on Facebook, probably due to his good looks.

“People like an underdog, I think,” Flor said.