Men shriek as snake pops out from under truck's hood in Texas

Two men driving down a highway in Texas discover an unexpected stowaway: A snake slithering out from under their car hood.PlaySwade Moyers
WATCH Snake slithers onto moving car hood in Texas

Texas may be known for its creative hood ornaments, but typically a real live snake is not one of them.

On Monday afternoon, Zakary Wyatt and his boss Swade Moyers were driving near Lubbock in northwest Texas when they noticed a snake had slithered out from underneath the truck's hood onto the windshield.

As heard in the video, they started to encourage the snake to "get out of the truck."

At first, the snake starts to look like it's going to slide right off the hood of the truck, but instead, it slithers down further.

"Get out of here, snake! Oh my gosh, dude, that thing is long," one of them exclaims in the video.

They pulled over, in hopes that it would get off the truck on its own.

But as they pulled over, the snake just laid out, practically sunning itself on the truck's hood.

"Swade, he's not leaving the truck, man," Wyatt is heard saying. "He's going back in."

They take off in the truck, in hopes that the snake will slide off the hood after a burst of speed. Instead, you hear two men squeal in fear after the creepy-crawly snake slides back toward the driver's side window.

"He's got amazing grip," they say between nervous laughter.

Suddenly, the snake flips backward onto the windshield and wraps itself around the windshield wiper.

The snake appears to be a bullsnake, which are not lethal, but can grow up to five feet in length.

"It did finally get off OK," Moyers wrote on Facebook. "And I didn't have to get out of the truck!"