Mensa and Play Cupid for Lovelorn Geniuses

Mensa and make a love connection.

ByABC News
June 25, 2014, 1:05 PM
Mensa Match aims to play cupid for lovelorn geniuses.
Mensa Match aims to play cupid for lovelorn geniuses.
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— -- Mensa knows it can be lonely at the top.

The smartypants society only accepts individuals with IQ scores in the 98th percentile to join its rarefied ranks -- a prerequisite that eliminates roughly 49 out of 50 Americans. Given their relative scarcity, some "Mensans" have struggled to meet potential partners as brilliant as they are.

All that changes this week. Hoping to help each of its members find that special someone, Mensa has cozied up to to announce a new platform called Mensa Match. Not only is access to the designated online dating service restricted to members of the elite organization, but certifiable geniuses are also invited to add branded badges to their "normal" profiles to indicate their interest in superior intellects.

"Eighty percent of singles rate intelligence as one of the most important factors when looking for a partner, finally proving that brainpower is the ultimate aphrodisiac," President Amarnath Thombre said in a statement. "Partnering with Mensa now gives Match members another smart way to easily search for and connect with like-minded singles."

American Mensa Marketing Manager Victoria Liguez told ABC News that members have expressed interest in a service of this kind for "a long time."

"You're looking for someone in the same tribe as you," she said. "You're asking, 'Do you value intelligence as much as I do?'"

At Least one Mensan seems to have successfully found love on his own. Here's proof that Quentin Tarantino is off the market.

Still, Liguez noted that a certain standard of intellect is just a "starting point" for super-smart singles. After all, not all geniuses are compatible. Once members have established a mutual recognition that "smart is good," they still need to nail down more specific shared interests. The initiative, said Liguez, "is a way to reach out and find people who can say, 'Comic-Con is on your list? Oh, me too.'"

If you, too, are desperately seeking smarts, the companies are currently administering a practice IQ test for the promotional rate of $1 through July 6.