Millennial Moms Focused on 'Me' Time, Study Says

Millennial Moms moving away from the 'helicopter' style of their parents.

ByABC News
January 30, 2014, 10:13 AM
A new study shows that Millennial Moms have different parenting styles than previous generations.
A new study shows that Millennial Moms have different parenting styles than previous generations.
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Jan. 30, 2014— -- Millennial moms are more focused on "me time," according to a BabyCenter study released Thursday.

Millennials, loosely defined people born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s, are becoming parents. And their parenting styles are far different than those of the "helicopter parents" that created a generation some have come to see as lazy and entitled.

“Millennial Moms are clearly reacting to the way they were raised,” said Mike Fogarty, SVP and global publisher at BabyCenter. “They’re creating an environment for their kids that’s more laid back and less structured, and they feel more relaxed and happy as parents. They reject the pressure they grew up with.”

The study found that millennial Moms are more digitally connected than their immediate predecessors--the moms of Generation X. They're also on more social platforms and are less concerned than Gen X moms about posting pictures of themselves or their children to social networks.

Compared to Gen X moms, Millennial Moms are twice as likely to prefer communicating with their parents via text, and twice as likely to use social media to send birthday party invitations. In addition, Millennial Moms are 21 percent less likely to send a thank-you note via postal mail.

They also have high hopes for their futures and think their digital savvy will be a tool to gain financial success. More than half those surveyed report wanting to start their own business. BabyCenter found that compared with Gen X moms, Millennial Moms are 17 percent more likely to freelance, and one in five have started a blog with "substantial" followers.

Thirty-nine percent of Millennial Moms have used social media to sell items they've made (63 percent higher than Gen X moms). Millennial Moms are also 67 percent more likely than Gen X moms to have received payment for running errands or helping others, using apps like TaskRabbit and GigWalk.

"Millennials are using the new digital tools at their disposal to deliver in very new ways for their family," said Fogarty. "A few years ago, we saw moms embrace the online couponing trend, but now we’re seeing a dramatic shift. Moms aren't just saving money; they’re finding creative ways to earn it.”