Must Have: Million Dollar iPhone 5

You totally need to get this iPhone.

March 7, 2014— -- You totally need this iPhone.

But you'll have to act fast because there's only two of these million-dollar iPhone 5s in the world.

Oh, you don't have a cool million lying around? Shame. It's really quite a looker.

The phone -- created by jewelry company Alchemist London -- specializes in adding designer gold and jeweled cases to laptop computers, tablets and smart phones. It claims this is the "world's most expensive iPhone," but what about that $15 million iPhone created last year?

World's most expensive or not, it is the pinnacle of luxury. The handset has a bezel handmade from 24-carat-gold and features 700 individual "flawless" VVS diamonds, totaling over seven carats. The rear panel is made from 24-carat-gold, with 53 diamonds adorning the Apple logo and the main navigation button is hand crafted from 24-carat-gold and in the center is a single-cut, "simply stunning" two-carat diamond.

Prospective buyers being asked to formally register their interest on either of the company's two websites, and