Minn. Ice Cream Shop Scoops Up Creative Poets

Here's one way your poetry can get you a job.

April 22, 2014 -- Are you creative?Do you have a knack for taste?See this ice cream place.

Creative poets have the opportunity to double as ice cream makers for Izzy’s Ice Cream in Minneapolis -- if they can detail their ice cream eating experience in a haiku.

"Haikus are accessible, meticulous, and have a latent curiosity in them” and “these are values we would love to see in anybody we hire," said Izzy’s General Manager Shannon Leach.

Izzy’s is also welcoming image and sound submissions.

Candidates that are selected will be invited to a hiring party full of games, food and details on the next step of the hiring process.

Some of the work will include scooping, cake decorating and sauce-making.

At the moment, there are 25 positions available.

Currently, Izzy’s is pairing up with Dangerous Productions, a local arts organization, to make this a hiring experience like any other.

Izzy’s has become noteworthy for their trademarked Izzy scoop, a miniature scoop added on top of a regular scoop. Their website details it as "a metaphor that physically demonstrates our approach to business –it’s the little extra."

Started by Lara Hammel and Jeff Sommers 14 years ago, the company offers roughly 150 flavors that use unique combinations of chocolate, fresh fruits, nuts and many other ingredients.