Moms and daughters pose as Disney princesses and queens for photo shoot

A costume designer and a photographer teamed up for the project.

— -- Have you ever wondered what happened after "happily ever after" in the lives of Disney's most famous princesses?

Thanks to a collaboration between costume designer Nephi Garcia and photographer Tony Ross, Disney fans are now getting a glimpse of what Disney princesses such as Snow White, Belle, Cinderella and Mulan might look like as queens.

Garcia, 34, told ABC News he came up with the idea after speaking with his wife of nearly nine years, Bethanie.

"In the movies, and in the animation, it always ends at the wedding," Garcia said. "So I wanted to give these women ... a sense of adulthood and maturity."

"I wanted to show people that [the princesses] weren't just about the frills and the lace, but they can handle a sword, they can handle a throne," Garcia added.

The two tapped mother and daughter pairs for the now-viral photo series in order to encourage families "to appreciate the times" they have together, Ross told ABC News.

Ross, 23, said he and Garcia came together back in May to shoot mothers with their daughters over three days. The two planned for three weeks and scouted locations in California and Salt Lake City, he added.

The Los Angeles-based photographer said that they largely worked with women they've "never met before, so we had to talk to them to get to know them" ahead of the shoot, which helped in their work.

His favorite photos to shoot were actually Garcia's wife, Bethanie, and her mother, Linda Wadley, as Belle, because of "how they are and how they care for each other," Ross said.

The other daughter-mother models featured in the photo series include Amber and Bonnie Arden portraying Snow White, Lexi Mae and Lisa Walker portraying Cinderella, Traci Hines and Elizabeth Oden portraying Ariel, Leslie Nhan and Chi Huynh portraying Milan and Richard Schaefer and Aldrin Gotianun portraying Elena.

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