Mom’s Surprising Tribute to Her Daughter Starting Kindergarten

Haley Fulop's Facebook post touched thousands.

— -- After taking her little one to kindergarten orientation, Haley Fulop didn’t feel the surge of sadness she had expected.

Surprised at her own reaction, she snapped a quick picture of her 5-year-old girl, paired it with a caption expressing her gratitude for the past five years, and posted it on the Facebook group Upper East Side Mommas, a self-described "supportive network for mothers in Manhattan."

A day later, the post has been "liked" more than a thousand times, with many parents applauding Fulop’s touching words.

At the core of the caption is the message that she does her best to experience every moment –- an idea to which she feels many other parents can relate. But as a working mother, she cannot be there for every moment. Fulop emphasized the importance of making the most of her time with her children.

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“I think the thing we all aspire to is to be the best we can and to be present, and we'll be better at this some days than others. When we do that, the result is peace -- not wistfulness -- about the time behind you when you hit a milestone,” she told ABC News.

The mother of two said she was not expecting the post to receive nearly as much attention as it has.

“I think it resonated with other parents because we all crave hearing that it will get easier, and hearing it from another parent—even a stranger—is comforting,” she said of the post's popularity.

“I’m really just touched that the post connected with this many people.”