Nordstrom Praised on Social Media for Shunning 'Christmas Creep'

The company decorates for the holidays on Nov. 25.

ByABC News
November 10, 2015, 2:54 PM

— -- Nordstrom is bucking retail trends and sticking to its long-standing policy: No holiday decorations until Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving).

"We feel strongly about celebrating one holiday at a time with our decorations," Dan Evans, a Nordstrom spokesman, told ABC News on Tuesday.

Unlike other major retailers, Nordstrom also remains closed on Thanksgiving (but the site is always available for shopping, of course). The Seattle-based retailer's 118 stores in the United States won't open their doors until the morning of Nov. 27.

"The stores close on Wednesday night before Thanksgiving day, then we have some of our workers bring their families, they make it a festive atmosphere and decorate the stores," Evans said.

Social media users are praising Nordstrom for fighting the so-called "Christmas creep," posting a photo of a sign the retailer has used in the past.

The company has never decorated before Thanksgiving in its 100-year history.