New Onion That Won't Make You Cry or Give You Bad Breath Invented in England

Put away the onion goggles and breath mints.

— -- Put away the onion goggles and breath mints -– a horticulturist in England has invented a new red onion that promises to be tear- and bad breath-free.

Billed as a “sweet red onion,” the new bulb contains lower pungency levels that translate to a less overpowering flavor, fewer tears when chopping and better odor. The onion is said to be so mild, in fact, that you can just eat it like an apple.

Asda, the United Kingdom’s Walmart, is selling the onion for one euro, or approximately $1.13, which is more expensive than a typical bulb.

That’s probably because this isn’t a typical bulb, taking more than 20 years for farmer Alastair Findlay of Bedfordshire Growers to personally taste and evaluate about 500 versions until settling on this version.

So how does it taste?

A reporter at The Telegraph put the onion to the test, writing, “It still smelled like an onion and wasn’t as soft on my eyes as, say, cucumber eye cream, but I didn’t feel my eyes sting after chopping an entire low-pungency onion.”

No word on whether the U.S. can expect the onion to find its way overseas.