Orphaned Kangaroo Lives Hop-pily Ever After With His Teddy Bear Best Friend

PHOTO: Orphaned Kangaroo Lives Hoppily Ever After With Teddy Bear Best FriendPlayCourtesy Tim Beshara
WATCH Kangaroo Hugging A Teddy Bear

The Internet is going wild for this sweet photo of an orphaned 15-month-old kangaroo hugging it out with his best friend -- a teddy bear.

Tim Beshara, a media advisor to an Australian senator, tweeted a photo of this little guy named Doodlebug which has now gone wildly viral with 3.3 thousand retweets and garnered headlines across the world.

“He is undergoing what is called a soft-release which means he is able to roam in the nearby forest but comes home for occasional extra feeding,” Beshara told ABC News of the eastern grey kangaroo. “He uses the teddy like any toddler would use one. As a companion, he lies next to it, practices his kicking against it and cuddles it.”

Beshara’s mother, Gillian Abbott, is a licensed wildlife caretaker who sent him the photo.

When Doodlebug was found abandoned he weighed only 3 pounds and wasn’t old enough to take care of himself, but now he’s a healthy and clearly very “hoppy” kangaroo weighing in at about 26 to 30 pounds.