Outrageous Beauty Treatments

From Bird droppings to bull semen, the most outlandish beauty treatments.

August 3, 2013— -- intro: Forget collagen injections or seaweed facials. Some beauty regimens use even more unusual ingredients to achieve that perfect, glowing complexion.

Across the globe, beauty treatments can include unfamiliar components from bird feces to snails to blood injections, all used for the one goal of keeping the customer looking young and beautiful.

But be forewarned: It seems the more unusual the ingredient the larger the price tag. We've rounded up a few of the most outrageous treatments available, but we make no promises on what you'll look like at the end of them.

quicklist: 1 category: Most Outrageous Beauty Treatments title: The Bird Poop Facial url: text: At the Shizuka New York skin care salon in Manhattan, you can "boost" your complexion by signing up for the "Geisha Facial," which involves steam treatment, aroma therapy and a paste made from powdered nightingale feces.

Shizuka Bernstein has been offering the facials at $180 a pop for about five years.

"I try to bring Japanese beauty secrets to the United States," Bernstein told The Associated Press.

According to Bernstein, only nightingale feces are used because nightingales subsist on seeds that have an enzyme that works as an active ingredient in the facial.

quicklist: 2 category: Most Outrageous Beauty Treatments title: The Snail Facial url: text:

If you want a more "lively" facial, you can always try a snail facial. Available in a Tokyo salon, the snail facial involves live snails slowly marching their way across your face leaving behind the prized snail slime.

According to the U.K.'s Telegraph the treatment is called the "Celebrity Escargot Course," and costs about $250.

According to the snail facial devotees, the slime helps treat dry skin and soothe sunburn, leaving behind a rejuvenated complexion. However, those who are a squeamish at the idea of snails crawling on their face can try the salon's "snail lotion." No live bugs involved.

quicklist: 3 category: Most Outrageous Beauty Treatments title: The Vampire Face-Lift url: text: With the success of "True Blood," "Twilight" and "The Vampire Diaries," it appears the pop culture vampire craze is not ending anytime soon. The bloodsuckers are so popular they have even inspired the "Vampire Face-Lift."

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While there are no fangs involved, the procedure involves drawing blood to be used in facial injections. Using technology called Selphyl, a doctor draws blood, treats it and injects it back into the patient's face to smooth any unwanted wrinkles.

Dr. Andre Berger of the Rejuvalife Vitality Institute in Beverly Hills, Calif., said procedure was becoming more and more popular.

"I think this whole recent theme in the entertainment industry... of using vampire, Dracula themes has definitely caused a lot of the interest out there," Berger said.

Unfortunately, the treatments do not mean that you or your smoother skin will last forever. Instead the results last for approximately 15 months, according to Berger.

quicklist: 4 category: Most Outrageous Beauty Treatments title: A 'Face-Slapping' Treatment url: text:

To keep the wrinkles at bay, a San Francisco masseuse slaps the age right off her customers' faces. Rassameesaitarn Wongsirodkul, aka Tata, offers the "Face Slapping" treatment at Tata Massage for $350 per treatment.

Each treatment lasts approximately 15 to 20 minutes and can leave skin firmer for about six months, according to the Tata Massage website. In an online video, Tata says she was proud to bring face-slapping knowledge to the West.

"Face slapping brings out your hidden beauty potential, without invasive procedures. And it's 100 percent chemical free," Tata says in an online video.

Not only is the treatment chemical free, but Tata will even personalize the massage so that customers unhappy with their frown lines or crows feet can have Tata focus on erasing them.

quicklist: 5 category: Most Outrageous Beauty Treatments title: Bull Semen Hair Treatment url: text: For those with a great complexion but dull hair, there are plenty of options to give your hair some body without resorting to plain old hairspray.

In London the Hari Salon was so committed to finding the perfect product for clients with limp hair that they experimented with a Bull Semen Hair Treatment. According to the owners Katherine and Hari Salem, the treatment infuses the hair with protein, making it stronger without weighing it down.

"The results speak for themselves. The hair is soft but not lank," said Katherine Salem.