Parents Recreate Scene From 'Lion King' for Newborn Daughter

Timi and Maria Wusu introduced their daughter to the world in a grand fashion.

— -- One Boston couple took a cue from "The Lion King" to celebrate the birth of their daughter.

Timi and Maria Wusu, both resident physicians in the Boston area, welcomed daughter Kaiori to the world last month, and created a hilarious "Lion King"-inspired video to introduce their new baby to friends and family.

The hysterical video quickly went viral, and has been viewed nearly 60,000 times on the Wusu's YouTube page.

"I'm excited that the video has brought so many smiles to so many people," Timi told ABC News.

The Wusus’ baby-introduction video mimics the scene from "The Lion King" where Rafiki lifts a baby Simba up to introduce him to the other animals.

In the Wusus’ video, Timi acts as Rafiki, performing the "ritual" in front of Maria and Kaiori as "The Circle of Life" plays in the background. Friends of the couple, as well as members of the nursing staff, appear in the video as the animals, cheering and dancing for the new baby.

Timi, 32, revealed that the video was filmed the day after Kaiori was born, and none of his friends were surprised that he and Maria, 33, went the extra-mile with their baby-introduction announcement.

"Finally our wonderful, healthy, child was born, and I had been itching to show her off," Timi said. "The 'Lion King' theme had been in my mind for months, and I just knew that Kaiori needed to be introduced with similar grandeur and hilarity.

"The whole thing turned out really great," he added. "We had a ton of fun filming and editing, and I knew it would be a hit amongst my friends and family."

Watch the Wusus’ hilarious baby-introduction video below: