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Last Updated: May 21, 11:58:13PM ET

Slick Scents: Perfume Oils May Let You Ditch the Spritz

With hair and face oils gaining popularity, designers release oil-based scents.

ByABC News
October 15, 2014, 11:33 AM
Some of the ingredients for an eau de toilette, brandy, grain alcohol and aromatic oils, Feb. 24, 2013, in Toronto.
Some of the ingredients for an eau de toilette, brandy, grain alcohol and aromatic oils, Feb. 24, 2013, in Toronto.
Steve Russell/Getty Images

— -- Perfume oils could be the next big thing trending in the beauty market and could have some consumers ditching the spritz.

Just as hair and face oils recently have risen in popularity, several manufacturers recently released fragrance oils, hoping they might become the latest approach in applying your favorite scent.

Some people also might find oils more practical than alcohol-based sprays.

“Having oil-based scents instead of alcohol, you can create something that lasts longer,” said Chandler Burr, former New York Times scent critic and author of "The Emperor’s Scent." “None of us like to shell out up to $200 for something that disappears.”

Since alcohol dries out, your signature scent could be dwindling more quickly than oil-based perfumes will. The oil-based versions, Burr said, linger on the skin much longer than your everyday eau de toilette.

As for getting even more for your value, Burr added, it’s all about the application.

“When you spray a bottle of perfume, about 50 percent is lost in the air," he said. "Oils eliminate that because you can put it exactly where you want. Plus, they’re made with eye droppers and roll-ons so you can apply easily, pinpointing the areas you’d like to scent.”

In recent months, high-end designers have released oil-based fragrances; some even using their original formulas you’d buy if purchasing their alcohol-based scent.

Malin & Goetz released three scented oils appealing to both the masculine and feminine market.

Tom Ford launched perfumed beard oils that condition and scent facial hair. From a man’s perspective, Burr likes the idea of using them as pre-shave oil.

“They’re great for hydrating,” he said. “As for application, I’d apply to the tops of my wrists. Your hands are moving all day so you can easily scent the space in front of you without someone having to lean in to smell."

As an extension to their Elizabeth and James brand, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen also joined the trend by releasing two perfume oils in Sephora this month.