Photo of Cat Destroying Dollhouse Goes Viral on Reddit, Imgur

The photo is going viral on Reddit and Imgur.

— -- A giant-looking cat coming down the stairs of a house and biting at the chandelier is going viral on Reddit and Imgur.

Some users are nicknaming the cat "Kat Kong," while others are joking the cat is trying to "swing from the chandelier," a reference to the hit pop song “Chandelier” by Sia.

But the cat, as disappointing as it may be to some, is actually a normal-sized cat in a dollhouse.

The photo was part of a photo-shoot to create an advertisement to help get fostered kittens a permanent home, Cade Ritter, who took the photo, told ABC News today in an email. Ritter is a computer science student at Rice University in Houston.

"As people started adopting them, my mom thought it would be a good advertisement for the remaining kittens to have a little photo-shoot," Ritter said of mom Barbara Atwell, an Austin-based artist.

One of the backdrops Ritter and his mom decided to use was a hand-crafted dollhouse Ritter's great-grandfather made, he said. The dollhouse is the one seen in the viral photo, he added.

"It's quite the amazing piece of carpentry," Ritter said. "It even has a working light system.”

The kitten, whose name Ritter couldn’t remember, was the wildest of the litter, he said, adding it was eventually adopted. He kept one from the bunch, whom he named Sophie.