Polish Mother Creates Whimsical Photos of Her Kids Dressed Up as Beloved Film Characters

Anna Rozwadowska creates the costumes and photographs of her two kids.

— -- One Polish mother turned taking photographs of her children for their personal photo albums in her spare time into a whimsical photo series of our favorite film characters that's getting attention online.

And not only does Anna Rozwadowska take the photos on a DSLR camera she purchased shortly before her oldest child, Jacob, 6, was born, but she also creates the costumes.

The mother of two, who lives in a small Polish town called Grodzisk Wielkopolski, said it often takes her weeks to create one photo because she puts together the costumes herself.

"Taking a single picture takes a minute," Rozwadowska said. "But preparing the outfit [and] finding the right location ... is incomparably longer. So sometimes an outfit is ready months before it can be used."

"It is never planned way ahead," she continued of her photo shoots. "For example, once I came across an amazing pair of shoes for my daughter [Barbara], which were way too big for her -- they actually fit my son. And they inspired me to create the viking look. They were just perfect for that."

And because Rozwadowska is a full-time teacher, she said she can "only devote evenings" to process and edit her photographs.

"It wasn't meant to be a series of photographs at the beginning," she admitted. "But finally it turned out that some of them can be combined into a story, which I'm going to continue."

Rozwadowska added that she's now in the process of creating two more costumes for future photographs.