Preschoolers help pull off precious marriage proposal for their teacher

“I was so overwhelmed. I’ve never been surprised like that in my life."

Dallin Knecht proposed to teacher Sara Trigero with the help of her beloved students in Reno, Nevada.

“Sara cares a lot about the kids,” Knecht, 26, told ABC News. “She's there full time, spending eight-plus hours a day with them, and loves them a lot.”

Trigero, 27, is a teacher at the Child and Family Research Center at University of Nevada-Reno. After she left a fake performance review with her boss, she walked outside to discover the pint-size surprise.

“My boss pretended like I had a meeting with her to talk about my performance,” she explained. “While I went out and had my meeting, they set up everything outside. But it wasn’t a real meeting at all. It was totally pretend. Right when I walked out the doors, I saw them.”

Knecht had gathered her 2- and 3-year-old students in the university’s quad, where Trigero said “there’s always things going on,” so she was about to walk right past them until she read her special sign: “Sara, say yes.”

“I was so overwhelmed. I’ve never been surprised like that in my life,” she said. “I was expecting a normal day and it was so much more than that.”

"Everything went according to plan,” Knecht said, crediting Trigero’s coworkers for helping him pull off the impossible.

“The kids were great too,” he added. “Very helpful and fun.”

“He knows how much I love the kids,” the bride-to-be told ABC News. “It was so special.”