Preschoolers spell their names to instill a sense of pride

Teacher Sharsma Holmes said she wants her kids to "excel."

In a video that recently went viral, with more than 200,000 views, the class of 3-year-olds at Saint Mark Children Enrichment Center in Orlando spells out their names aloud, confidently and excitedly.

Teacher Sharsma Holmes told ABC News she recorded her students back in April.

"[They were] coming from lunch. That's why they're in a line outside," she recalled.

"We go over each milestone -- colors, shapes, numbers, letters, sounds and counting. The last step for my class is learning how to say, spell and identify your name," the teacher continued.

Holmes, 24, said the exercise is important for her students as they often come to school "and they may only know their nicknames."

"I really want them to excel, and not just learn what they need to know for the next class," she added.

The school's director, Morocca Holmes, said in a statement to ABC News that she was "extremely proud of our students and teachers." The statement continued in part that the school works "to provide an outstanding education" to "ensure that our students are more advanced than their current grade."