This Puppy Eating Watermelon Is the Cutest Thing You'll Watch All Day

Rolex, a 5-month-old French bulldog, really loves his watermelon.

ByABC News
May 19, 2016, 12:40 PM

— -- One French bulldog loves his watermelon.

Rolex, a 5-month-old puppy, is making the Internet fall in love with him, thanks to his adorable viral video, in which he's seen eating the fruit while sitting inside it. At one point, little Rolex and his watermelon topple over.

It's not the only human food Rolex enjoys, his owner, Natalie Shalom, told ABC News.

"He also loves peanut butter," she said.

Shalom, 23, of Hollywood, Florida, is also the owner of a 1-year-old French bulldog named Sheli, but it's Rolex who has stolen the show, and she knows why.

"He’s the perfect little model," she said. "Everywhere we go, he captures everyone’s attention. He has such a big personality. He’s a character."