Realtor Dresses in Panda Costume to Help Sell Home

“Whatever it takes to sell a home and enjoy life!" said Jessica Arnett.

— -- A realtor in Texas is drumming up sheer panda-monium over one of her home listings.

Jessica Arnett, the owner of Villa Real Estate, dressed up in a large panda costume to pose in photos showing off the four-bedroom property, which is now garnering lots of attention.

“A British homeowner had done this in the past, and when my client and I saw this, we decided it would be hilarious,” Arnett wrote to ABC News about the inspiration for her creative pictures.

She’s never pulled a wacky stunt like this to help her sell a home before.

“I have always been competitive in real estate, but never did I ever think I would do this,” said Arnett.

The homeowners love the attention their $199,900 brick home is getting now.

“They were the ones that wanted me to do it,” Arnett said of her clients. “It's certainly created a lot of buzz and gotten me more leads!”

“I am a business owner and I care about my clients,” she added. “Whatever it takes to sell a home and enjoy life!”