This rescue turkey is living his best life

Albert was almost Thanksgiving dinner. Now he's part of the family.

— -- Albert the turkey could have been someone's Thanksgiving dinner, but instead he's an internet sensation.

"We had no idea Albert would be how he is," Brant Pinvidic, Albert's owner, told ABC News.

The turkey, he said, was rescued as a "symbolic gesture" from a slaughterhouse on Thanksgiving 2016.

"My contractor knew a farm where they raise turkeys for slaughter and he asked if I wanted one for Thanksgiving," Pinvidic said.

Now, less than a year later, Albert is a full member of Pinvidic's household in Santa Clara, California.

He's even been a "best man" at a wedding:

He hangs by the family pool:

"Albert is part of our everyday life," Pinvidic said. "I see him every morning and evening. He will follow us everywhere almost all day. He simply wants attention and to cuddle. He’s very much like our dogs."

And, somewhat ironically, Albert seems perfectly comfortable at the kitchen counter:

But he's most famous for giving hugs:

"He’s a complete showoff," Pinvidic said. "He only wants attention. He doesn’t want food, he doesn’t want to play, he just wants you to notice him. He’s very pompous. He really believes he is the most interesting thing going on wherever he is."

The turkey, who has 9,000 Instagram followers, has inspired his own animal rescue foundation, Albert and Friends. The organization was formed after Albert's rescue and primarily works with St. Bonnie's shelter, which takes in cats, dogs and horses, among other animals.

"His fans get a lot of joy from his posts and his interaction and that makes us very happy. We hope to expose more people to the joy of rescue animals," Pinvidic said.