3 Resolutions for Happier Parenting in 2017

ABC News' lifestyle editor and author of a new book shares her tips.

— -- Parenting is one of the toughest jobs out there, but maybe it doesn’t have to be. If one of your top priorities in 2017 is to be a happier parent, here are the parenting resolutions that can help you do just that.

"If moms are constantly putting their kids first and neglecting themselves as a result, they can’t be happy parents," she said. "And happy parents translate to happy kids, which, for most of us, is the ultimate goal."

Resolution 1: Treat your spouse as well as you treat your barista.

Brown said she noticed she was more polite to the people at Starbucks than to her own husband on some days. A study from the University of Georgia found feeling appreciated directly influences marital quality, so something as simple as just noticing all the work your spouse is doing and saying "thank you" can have a huge impact and increase happiness in the home for the whole family, she said.

Resolution 2: Get sleep at any cost.

Resolution 3: Ditch the playdates.

"If your toddler has a more robust social calendar than you, that's a problem," she told "GMA." Brown said she cut back on her kids’ social calendar, giving herself more time to spend on her own and reconnecting with her closest friends in the process.

(Note: Genevieve Shaw Brown is the Travel & Lifestyle Editor at ABC News. You can read her work here. "The Happiest Mommy You Know: Why Putting Your Kids First Is the Last Thing You Should Do" is on sale Jan. 10, 2017.)