New Roller Coasters in the US to Check Out This Summer

Theme parks in New Jersey, Florida and Ohio have new attractions for fans.

— -- If you find yourself looking for a thrill this summer, look no further. With new roller coasters popping up across the nation, there is no shortage of flips, twists and drops. Here are some of the newest roller coasters opening just in time for the season.

Cobra's Curse at Busch Gardens

Tampa, Florida

This family-friendly roller coaster, which can hit 40 mph, is now open to the public. Passengers begin the interactive ride facing forward, then turn backward, and spin to the finish.

Lightning Rod at Dollywood

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Passengers weave through surrounding trees, hills and valleys on Dollywood’s newest wooden coaster. Lightning Rod reaches 73 mph, allowing guests to experience nearly 20 seconds of airtime.

Mako at SeaWorld

Orlando, Florida

SeaWorld has introduced Orlando’s tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster yet. Appropriately named after the fastest known shark, Mako reaches up to 200 feet in the air and travels as fast as 73 mph.

The Monster at Adventureland

Des Moines, Iowa

The Monster, which cost approximately 9 million dollars to create, opened just weeks ago on June 4. Its most thrilling features include five inversions, a top speed of 65 mph and a 101 degree drop.

The Joker at Six Flags Great Adventure

Jackson, New Jersey

The Joker is a 4D free-fly coaster that includes thrill-inducing swiveling cars. After reaching a height of 120 feet, riders tumble down a 90-degree hill in a simulated free fall with some added weightless flips.