Roux the 'Bunny Cat' Doesn't Let the Lack of Legs Slow Her Down

Just try not to fall in love with this incredible kitty.

Roux has only two legs. And it doesn't slow her down one bit, her owner Jackie Deak Akey told ABC News.

Akey works in a veterinary clinic in New Orleans and one of their clients is an animal rescue group. That group was notified that a two-legged cat had been surrendered, and the group in turn emailed a photo to Akey's clinic.

"When I saw her it was absolutely love at first sight," Akey said. "When I met her in person, I was in awe of her. She is fearless, independent and very capable. She doesn't let anything stop her, and she continues to amaze me at what she can do."

And she's amazing the world of social media, too. She amassed 20,000 followers within 24 hours of joining Instagram. The account was set up by Akey and her sister-in-law.

"I knew that we had to share her cuteness and story," Akey said.

Akey already had two cats at home, and Roux is determined to keep up with them -- even though they each have four legs. "She loves to chase her sisters and tackle them with her nubs. She can be very independent at times, with an 'I can do it myself!' attitude, but usually she doesn't mind a helpful assist, such as onto the bed at night."

By sharing Roux's photos, Akey hopes to show the bond created through animal adoption -- regardless of number of legs.

"Roux is healthy and happy, and there is no reason to feel sorry for her. I can understand it can be shocking at first to see that she doesn't have front legs, but once you watch what she can do and accomplish with what she does have, you will be impressed and inspired," Akey said. "She is just too wonderful and inspirational to keep to ourselves."