Runners help fatigued racer to half-marathon finish line

The inspiring moment was captured at the Philadelphia Love Run Half-Marathon.

ByABC News
March 27, 2017, 12:00 PM

— -- Three runners were caught on camera coming to the aid of a fatigued racer whose legs appeared to buckle within sight of the finish line of a half-marathon in Philadelphia on Sunday.

Video shows the female runner struggling to hold herself up as she nears the end of the Philadelphia Love Run Half-Marathon.

A male fellow runner in a green shirt running on the woman’s right stops and grabs her arm while another male runner on her left stops and grabs her left arm.

The two men and the woman, who all appear to be strangers, then jog together toward the finish line at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

With dozens of runners passing them, the two men continue to help the woman as she becomes more and more unstable and nearly unable to run.

Just steps from the finish line, she almost collapses. At that point, a third runner halts his finish line sprint and circles back to the female runner.

A third man then picks up the woman and carries her, putting her down just inches from the finish line so she can complete the race on her own feet.

The clock above the finish line shows the four runners all finished the race in just over two hours.

Ten thousand people completed the Philadelphia Love Run Half-Marathon this year, race director Michele Redrow told ABC News. Race officials have identified the female runner but have not released her name.