Sipping Starbucks' Secret Franken Frappuccino

Just in time for Halloween, Starbucks released a secret green holiday drink.

October 29, 2014, 2:20 PM
PHOTO: Starbucks' Secret Franken Frappuccino
Starbucks' Secret Franken Frappuccino
Stefanie Tuder/ABC

— -- Everyone head to Starbucks and get your Monster Mash on.

The steps are simple:

1. Walk in.

2. Order the Franken Frappuccino.

Say what?! That’s right, Starbucks has introduced a brand-new “secret” Frappuccino for Halloween, and this baby is very green.

We decided to put the FF to the test, so I headed to a nearby Starbucks and asked for one. The cashier responded with confusion, but his manager quickly informed him of what to do, saying they had received a memo from Starbucks on how to make it.

But apparently the barista missed the memo, because she asked me to how to make it. I had the instructions from Starbucks Melody ready for just this occasion (green tea Frappuccino + java chips + 3 pumps white mocha sauce + 3 pumps peppermint syrup + whipped cream + mocha drizzle).

The barista’s response? “I can’t even with this place,” she said with a roll of the eye.

Well I could even, and minutes later I was sampling my bonafide Franken Frappuccino and conducting a mini photo shoot so you could all see it.

The result tasted like a mint chocolate chip milkshake with a subtle green tea aftertaste. In my opinion, the real appeal of the Franken Frappuccino lies in its very Instagrammable color: bright green and just begging for a filter.

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