What to See and What to Skip in London

The secret is out: The U.K. is a go-to spot for 2017.

— -- The secret is out: 2017 may well be one of the best years to visit the U.K. in a long time.

Brexit has a lot to do with it -- the way it helped send the British pound to 30-year lows, giving Americans more spending power and making that notoriously pricey trek across the pond more attainable.

It's a big reason why the United Kingdom made Travelzoo’s Wow Deal Destinations list for 2017.

When it comes to London, all of this is likely to encourage plenty of return visits in the New Year and plenty of first ones. If you’re a first-timer, you’ll find that fascinating experiences are never in short supply.

Here are a few to add to your London to-do list:

Plan Your Visit, Celebrate an Anniversary

Skip the Street, Catch the View

Skip the Center, Visit the Countryside

Skip Dessert, Seek the Custard

Skip the Museum, Visit the Hotel

Skip the Hotel, Sip Onboard

Skip the Bus, Tour by Mini

Skip the Tour, Catch a Match

Skip Hyde Park, Visit Victoria Park

Skip Borough, Nosh at Broadway

Gabe Saglie is senior editor for Travelzoo, which features exclusive deals on London hotels, flights, activities, restaurants, spas and shows at www.travelzoo.com.