Snackwave and Other Trends You May Have Missed in 2014

— -- It's almost 2015, which means it's time for a new set of trends that you've never heard about.

Here are some from this year that you might have missed:


Maybe the green-juicing, kale-crunching craze has finally reached its tipping point. The snackwave trend glorifies higher calorie foods like pizza and cheeseburgers.

The term was coined by bloggers at The Hairpin and refers to the wave of social media users hooked on fatty foods -- and not just eating them, but printing them on socks and notebooks and sweatshirts, for example.


How did average ever become so cool? If you've recently seen someone wearing white sneakers and blue jeans in a muted style you haven't seen since the 1980s or 1990s, that's normcore.

Bonus points if your duds are hand-me-downs or thrift store buys, and not expensive pieces made to look cheap. Because that makes no sense at all.


Speaking of average, you might have seen plenty of people being "basic" and not even realized it was a trend.

Weird Words

Maybe you missed these, or maybe you just ignored them because you didn't know what they mean. But 2014 has seen no shortage of confusing words and terms that seemingly popped up out of nowhere, like "bae" and "Bye Felicia!"

The latter is even the title of a VH1 reality show that launched this week.


Emojis became so popular this year that new ones were even added -- in a show of diversity, new faces with multiple skin tones, and also a collection of oddball symbols like "Man in Business Suit Levitating" and "Downwards Rocket."

An emoji for "floppy disks" was also added. How normcore.