The Spaghetti Grilled Cheese Sandwich Is Latest Hybrid Food to Make Our Mouths' Water

PHOTO: Paul Cao of Burnt Crumbs in Huntington Beach, California created the internets new hybrid food craze, spaghetti grilled cheese.Burnt Crumbs
Paul Cao of Burnt Crumbs in Huntington Beach, California created the internet's new hybrid food craze, spaghetti grilled cheese.

Out of all the hybrid foods, this item is one we truly didn't see coming on the menu.

It's called the spaghetti grilled cheese sandwich, and it was created by Paul Cao of Burnt Crumbs in Huntington Beach, California.

Cao's partner, Minh Pham, told ABC News that the idea "goes back to his college days when he was at UCLA ... and he didn't know how to cook anything yet and the only dish that he knew how to make growing up was spaghetti."

Pham, 35, added that Cao became known on campus for his signature spaghetti, which he would intentionally burn on the bottom "to give it a crispy texture."

Years later, Cao decided to pay homage to his first hit dish by creating a miniature version of the sandwich for an anniversary event for their other endeavor, a food truck called The Burnt Truck. Now, it's on their menu at Burnt Crumbs, which opened weeks ago inside Pacific City shopping mall.

"We were really surprised that this would become our No. 1 seller just because the other sandwiches [on our menu] are much more intricate," Pham explained. "This is definitely not our fanciest sandwich ... but I think it’s a very approachable item. Everybody loves spaghetti and everybody loves garlic bread. Whether you're a kid or an adult."

So how exactly do they make this creation? Pham said it takes about an hour from start to finish.

After making spaghetti with sauce from scratch, they mix in mozzarella cheese then cool it on sheet trays "so it becomes flat and level; almost like a patty," Pham said. After cutting it into squares, they wrap the spaghetti with more mozarella cheese before pressing it onto fresh sourdough bread with garlic butter.

"It's awesome and it's low fat and low carb," Pham added.

You can sink your teeth into one for $9.