Sriracha Packets Now Make Wildly Popular Hot Sauce Available on the Go

The cult condiment is now portable and easier to come by in restaurants.

— -- There's great news for members of the sriracha food cult. The spicy condiment now comes in portable, to-go, packets.

Every true sriracha fan understands the pain of going to a restaurant and realizing there is no sriracha sauce around, or the judgmental looks when people notice you carry a bottle of sriracha in your backpack.

Sriracha2Go, the company behind the wildly popular portable sriracha key-chain has just released the sriracha packets that are even more portable.

The founders of Sriracha2Go work directly with Huy Fong Foods, based in Rosemead, California, to make authentic sriracha packets. The founders told ABC News today they eat the condiment with "pretty much every meal."

"We are both huge sriracha fans and have been for a long time," said Kyle Lewis, one of the two co-founders of Sriracha2Go. "Sriracha2Go came out of a personal need."

Lewis cited the disappointment he and his fellow co-founder faced when they would go out to eat and realize there was no sriracha.

"Our mission as a company is to make sriracha as available as the other condiments out there," Lewis added. "We wanted sriracha to be part of the hospitality package, much like ketchup and mustard."

Despite just being released Thursday, the sriracha packets are already going quickly. "It's been a crazy couple of days but we are so excited," Lewis said.

Sriracha2Go co-founder Farbod Deylamian said the new product will be a boon for lovers of the condiment.

"The sriracha-lovers never have to be with a sriracha-less meal," he said.