The Sweet Way This Widower Keeps Dining Out With His Late Wife

Touching photo of an elderly man dining with his wife's photo goes viral.

— -- Get prepared to break out the tissues.

When Madina Bashizaduah, of Fremont, California, was getting ready to chow down on her Animal Style In-N-Out burger on Oct. 22, she didn’t realize she’d soon get so much more than she paid for.

“I didn't speak to the gentleman myself because of how emotional I got from seeing him with her picture, but I was able to overhear his conversations with everyone else,” Bashizaduah told ABC News of the sweet elderly gentleman sitting directly behind her.

The man was sitting alone at a booth, walker by his side, pleasantly enjoying a burger with a laminated photo propped up on the table with him. The photo was of his late wife, who despite passing away five years ago, still remains the love of his life.

“With everyone who approached he was happy and excited to talk about her,” Bashizaduah explained. “We found out that she was his sweet heart, his wife who passed away five years ago.”

The two love birds apparently met when the elderly man was only 17 years old, “but the war had kept them apart.”

“He had searched for her for 10 years and one day as he was telling his barber the story, and the barber calls his daughter in and it ends up being her,” Bashizaduah added of the gentleman’s touching story. “They were married instantly and it lasted for 55 years until she passed. He takes her photo everywhere.”

On one side of the laminated photo is a picture of the adorable couple sitting on a couch together, Bashizaduah recalled, and on the other side was a picture of them side-by-side when they were young.

She was so overwhelmed with the man’s kind gesture -- still eating with his wife after all these years -- that she tweeted a photo to capture the emotional moment.

The poignant photo immediately went viral with nearly 13,000 favorites and more than 8,000 retweets.