Texas Family's Missing Dog Found 1,000 Miles Away in Tennessee

"I wish this dog could talk," her rescuer said.

— -- Paige Rogers, 23, said she was recently surprised when a little white Miniature Schnauzer ran in front of her car on Maple Street in Bristol, Tennessee.

Even more surprising? The dog actually belongs to a family over 1,000 miles away in Lewisville, Texas, Rogers told ABC News today. She added that the 2-year-old pup, who's white as snow, also has a fitting name: Snow White.

"When I stopped traffic and told her to get into my car, I had been on my way to the vet for my dog anyway, so I got her scanned for a microchip," Rogers said of her encounter of Tuesday. The microchip turned up a phone number with a Texas area code and an email.

Though the phone was disconnected, Rogers had luck with the email address and got "quite the phone call" a few hours later that same day.

The phone call was from 33-year-old Melissa Born, Snow White's owner from Lewisville, Texas.

Born "was over the moon, excited and so emotional," Rogers said. "At first, she thought I was in Texas and she was like, 'Oh my gosh! I'm coming to get her!' But I told her I was in northern Tennessee, near the Virginia border, and she just couldn't believe it."

Rogers learned that Snow White had gone missing in late December of last year, when a friend of Born's had been babysitting the pup and left the front door open for a little while.

"I wish this dog could talk," Rogers said. "We have no certain idea how this dog got here."

Born told ABC News today that she "knows for a fact that little Snow White did not run 1,000 miles up to Tennessee."

She thinks someone may have picked her up and then moved to that area.

Born has distant family in Nashville, who will be heading up to Bristol tonight to pick up Snow White, she said. At the same time, Born and her family are prepping a road trip to Nashville to be reunited with their pup in person by this weekend.

"We're just speechless," Born said. She added that when she, her husband, two kids and two other dogs reunite with Snow White, there "will probably be a lot of crying -- happy tears, of course."

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