Texas Man Returns Wallet Containing $2K to Rightful Owner

A sandwich shop manager returned a wallet containing $2,000 to its owner.

— -- After finding a wallet left in a Texas sandwich shop, the shop’s manager went on a quest to find its owner.

Daylon Henderson, a manager at Potbelly Sandwich Shop in Houston, and a shop associate were cleaning up the store when they found Gloria Vazquez’s wallet containing more than $2,000 in front of the cash register, Henderson told ABC News today.

“I called 411 and they matched me with a whole bunch of Glorias. I called a couple people and it was a dead end,” Henderson said. “So I was like of course, social media.”

Henderson searched Facebook and found the right profile when he spotted a woman in a red dress that matched the I.D. from the wallet, he said.

Vazquez had contacted the store and met Henderson at the leasing office of his apartment to claim her wallet.

“She was so grateful, she was almost tearing up saying how awesome it was,” Henderson said.

“I’m just in awe,” Vazquez told ABC News. “In these days where all we see are bad things, we need to see something like this to make people feel like not everybody’s bad.”

Vazquez gave Henderson a hug and $100, which he tried to refuse. After Vazquez “insisted,” Henderson said he split the money with the associate who helped find the wallet.

He added: “She came to the store the next day and said she wanted to start a GoFundMe account for my baby boy, and so she started the account. I was truly blessed.”