Texas Students Surprise Teacher Whose Cat Passed Away With Kittens

Math teacher Tonya Andrews was grieving after her 16-year-old cat died.

ByABC News
May 9, 2016, 1:02 PM

— -- Four Texas students surprised their teacher after they discovered she was grieving because her cat had passed away.

Rachel Hanhart, a junior at Joshua High School, told ABC News that last week during College Statistics class, her teacher Tonya Andrews began to cry. After the students asked what was wrong, Hanhart recalled her teacher replied, "'I'm sorry, my 16-year-old cat named Blondie died yesterday.'"

Hanhart, 16, added: "She kind of lost it and started bawling at that point."

So that's when Hanhart along with Ashlei Mahan, Makayla Comer, and Sheridan Swindell decided to plan a surprise to cheer up Andrews.

While Comer, 17, purchased flowers, Swindell, 17, volunteered to bring cupcakes. Swindell, a junior at the school, then offered another suggestion: kittens.

"So my mom looked online to find kittens in Fort Worth that needed a home," Hanhart recalled.

The planning worked. When the students walked into their math class the following day, Andrews was moved to tears.

Hanhart and Mahan captured the moment in heartwarming videos that the two posted to Twitter. The videos have since gone viral.

"Are they mine?" Andrews asked in the video, cradling her new kittens.