Texas Town Gifts Elderly Woman Dream Home for Christmas

Rosie Woods, 70, will move into her brand new house before the holidays.

— -- An elderly woman who was once left homeless is about to move into her dream house, thanks to the kindness of strangers from her Texas community.

"Her story really came off the screen and into our hearts," said Jerry Farish, CEO of New Summit Homes construction in Bedford, Texas. "It just really touched us. We needed to help this lady get back into her house."

"It is a nice little house and we’re really proud for her."

Farish told ABC News that it was a few months back when his son, Nate, sent him a news story about a woman named Rosie Woods, 70, of McKinney, Texas who's home was deteriorating due to lack of care.

"It was in really poor condition," Farish said. "The floors were caving in...it was not really a home that anyone could live in. Through the years and being an older lady, she was unable to keep up with the house."

With the intent to help Rosie, local contractors demolished her home, but poor weather conditions in the Dallas area put the rebuilding to a halt, and Farish said the mother of two was forced to live in a homeless shelter.

"They didn’t mean any harm to her," he said. "But basically the bad weather lasted almost six months. Simultaneously, we said 'Let's do it.' So, we took over and finished it so she could get in over Christmas.'"

The Dallas community rallied together and moved Rosie into a temporary apartment.

In just five months, Farish and his crew built Rosie a 1,200 square-foot home complete with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a dining room, kitchen, laundry room and a one-car garage.

"Rosie is a wonderful lady...always a positive outlook and a very strong faith," Farish's son Nate told ABC News. "That is what influenced us to build this house for her."

In addition to a new house, Rosie gained brand new household items and a 'Welcome Home' party thrown by the locals on Sunday.

“This house is my Christmas present," Rosie told ABC affiliate WFAA."I thank God for this house. He gave it to me. And the people who worked on it, he game me them too."

Farish said Rosie is scheduled to move into her new home today.